About Tuboul Group

Tuboul Group is one of the leading Importers and distributors of building materials in Israel.

The group was founded in 1984 by the Tuboul brothers, Simo, Boaz and Oren.
Tuboul group provides solutions for the construction industry, variety of retailers and wholesalers throughout Israel, and offers its customers a range of over 30,000 products, and represents the leading manufacturers in the construction industry.
The group employs 250 personal and own a fleet of 30 trucks entrusted with all nationwide distribution operations. The Import department with over 15 years' experience in international business and procuring in Europe, Asia and the US, insures an efficient and reliable partner.

The group operates in three major fields through several companies:
Trade in building and building accompanying materials: three of the group's companies are involved in this field: Tuboul Building Supplies (1990) Ltd., which deals in the wholesale import, marketing and distribution of building materials for construction companies, contractors, institutions and end customers.

Avnei Sela Import and Marketing Ltd, marketing of tools, technical items, building materials and ceramic for retailers. Tuboul Ceramics Ltd, which focuses on Import, wholesale and retail marketing of ceramics and sanitary ware.

Th from the foundation to the finishing stage. Tuboul group represents leading manufacturers in the Construction business, Including: Ledico Bosch, Tambour, Termodan, Polivid, Bitom, Etong, Gemel Sarid, Yoam, Hamat,
Palraz, and more. Tuboul Group is constantly seeking to increase the number of suppliers and
manufacturers it represents, in order to expand the range of products it offers its customers.e group’s inventory covers and meets the demands of every aspect of the construction industry.

Customer service
Tuboul Groups puts its customers at the center. Therefore, the company strives to meet each customers needs by providing professional, reliable, fast and efficient service, remaining innovative and staying upto-date of new technologies in the field. The group is dynamic, quickly adjusting to changes in the industry, and is flexible in responding to new requirements. The group serves as a one-stop-shop enabling customers to find all their needs under one roof. Some 25 marketing and sales people provide customers with professional advice at the time and location convenient to customer. A large fleet of
vehicles is responsible for nationwide delivery services, and meets all logistic needs. Moreover, customers enjoy a tool repair service and discounts on bulk purchases. A highly-advanced quality computing system provides efficient, time saving & cost cutting service.