The Import purchasing department,  with over 15 years' experience in international trade, leads the way with the constant development & purchasing of new & existing products,  novelties and innovations for the Tuboul Group.

The Import purchasing department is made up of product managers who specialize in specific sectors. This leads to more accurate product sourcing in terms of cost and quality.

The team of highly skilled professionals lead by Mr. Avishai Ido, head of the department with more than 20 years' experience in international business, is constantly developing cooperation  and exclusive distribution agreements with suppliers in  Italy, Spain, Turkey, China, Ukraine, Germany, India and others insuring an efficient, able and fast moving partner.

 To achieve these aims, we go directly to the source, visiting factories and meeting with suppliers. We remain at the cutting edge and are able to source brand new items and negotiate prices.

The department also provides all logistic solutions for our products, bringing the goods to Israel quickly, efficiently and safely.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we welcome new business.


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